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Note: Direct Solution - May 2016

There is a direct to packet engine soundcard option for RMS Express (see information on the 'Downloads' page).

AGW Express Interface - Solution Set

Objective: Provide a capability for RMS Express to use a sound card device in place of a TNC. The solution set is comprised of four components to meet this objective.

RMS icon
Winlink 2000 - RMS Express
RMS Express communications uses a complex series of handshakes to pass data from RMS Express through a sound card. Since RMS Express can only use an existing COM port, a virtual serial port is required.

HW icon
HW group - Virtual Serial Port (freeware)
Configures a 'virtual' serial port to pass data between RMS Express and AGW Express Interface. At start-up, HW VSP will create a virtual serial port and TCPIP port (4500).

AGWE icon
AGW Express Interface
Communications manager that, at start-up, checks the status of RMS Express, HW VSP and the 'default' packet engine to insure that they are running and using the correct configuration. During an RMS Express Packet WL2K session, the interface handles the communications protocol exchanges between RMS Express and the 'default' packet engine.

AGWPE icon     or     AGWPE icon     or     Dire Wolf icon
Packet Engine Choices - AGW Packet Engine or AGW Packet Engine Pro or UZ7HO Sound Modem or Dire Wolf Soundcard TNC for APRS
Communicates with AGW Express Interface, handles all AX.25 packet functions and interacts with the sound card device..

A complete description is provided in the implmentation guides found on the 'Download" page.