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Amateur Radio related software shares a common requirement with business applications. As PC operating systems and hardware technologies evolve, software needs to be updated, solve current technological issues and developed with state-of-the-art tools and techniques.

With this in mind, W2YG Software offered "AGW Express Interface" as its initial application to provide an 'soundcard' device option that was not available for RMS Express. Since then, RMS Express has been renamed Winlink Express. Now that this feature has been implemented for Winlink Express, the AGW Express Interface application life-cycle has ended and will not be available for download.

Commitments outside amateur radio have consumed a lot of my free time, but I have continued to experiment with ECOMM related application ideas. Proof of concept unit testing has been ongoing. Will be 'snow-birding' back to Florida in early January 2019. This will provide the time to document and assess prototype code using PC's and available radios.

The newsletter member list is still active. May publish a design document pending an analysis of the results to date and estimated development effort required. As stated previously, will have to consider the time and effort required to develop, test, document and implement the project.

Jim, W2YG